The process for a full-car graphics package has three steps:

1. Design: The design phase begins with an idea. This can either be yours or ours. Typically customers look for a period-correct design based on race cars of similar vintage to their own. Others will want to design a graphics package around their company logo or a favorite organization. The design stage involves several iterations where we will share prototype designs/mockups to show what the final product will look like. Because of the effort and time involved in design, we ask for of the total project’s estimated fees before we create the first mockup. Once a design is finalized we will create a firm estimate for the project.

Vinyl Creation: During this stage we will create the vinyl and prepare it for application. Before proceeding with creating the vinyl, the remaining fee balance is due.

Application: We provide full application services in our Morristown, NJ, location. If you prefer to do the application yourself, we will provide directions for you to tackle the work yourself. We are also a source for the tools and fluids that aid in vinyl application.

Full car packages are typically $500-1,500 for the Design and Vinyl Creation stages. Prices vary based on the amount of custom design work required and amount of vinyl in the design.

Cost of application is typically $500-800, and varies with the complexity of the design.